Combivent Respimat Dosage Forms and Strengths

COMBIVENT RESPIMAT consists of a COMBIVENT RESPIMAT inhaler and an aluminum cylinder (COMBIVENT RESPIMAT cartridge) containing a combination of ipratropium bromide (as the monohydrate) and albuterol sulfate. The COMBIVENT RESPIMAT cartridge is only intended for use with the COMBIVENT RESPIMAT inhaler. Each cartridge delivers 120 metered actuations after preparation for use, the equivalent of 30 days’ medication when used as one inhalation four times a day.

Each actuation from the COMBIVENT RESPIMAT inhaler delivers 20 mcg ipratropium bromide (monohydrate) and 100 mcg albuterol (equivalent to 120 mcg albuterol sulfate) from the mouthpiece.

Combivent Respimat Overview

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Aug 24, 2012
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