The DentiPatch® system is indicated for the production of mild topical anesthesia of the accessible mucous membranes of the mouth prior to superficial dental procedures. It may also reduce the pain associated with injections of local anesthetic into the gingiva.

Dentipatch Description

The DentiPatch® system contains a local anesthetic agent to be applied topically to the oral cavity. See INDICATIONS for specific uses.

Lidocaine is chemically designated as acetamide, 2-(diethylamino)-N-(2,6-dimethylphenyl)-, and has the following structural formula:

The molecular formula of lidocaine is C14H22N2O. The molecular weight is 234.34.

Each 2 cm2 patch contains lidocaine base as the active ingredient in the amount of 46.1 mg. Non-active ingredients include: karaya gum, glycerin, dipropylene glycol, lecithin, propylene glycol, aspartame, spearmint flavor, polyester film laminate and polyester-rayon fabric.

Each unit is sealed in a paper polyethylene-foil pouch.

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Active Dentipatch Ingredients

  1. Lidocaine

Dentipatch NDC Codes

NDC Quantity Package
57616-0041-12 50 Patch 1 Box

Dentipatch Structured Product Labels

SPL Manufacturer
1b5826d4-5177-42b9-8ac2-d35071b4bccb Noven Parmaceuticals, Inc.

Dentipatch Overview

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