Mucinex Allergy Reviews

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This stuff is fantastic but can not figure out why NO ONE carries it! Very frustrated as it works very well.
Overall Rating (5)
I suffer with severe allergies and for awhile Allegra worked like magic until my body built up an immune so I tried several others and finally tried Mucinex Allergy as soon as it came out. I always took Mucinex when I had a cold and always felt better the very next day. Mucinex Allergy did the trick and I was so happy to finally have some relief and be able to function but now I can't find it anywhere! I went to the Mucinex website and it's not even showing on there. They did have a contact number which I plan on call today to find out why. here is their number if anyone else wants to call. 1-866-682-4639

Mucinex Allergy Overview

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Over The Counter
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Jan 02, 2014
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Not Classified

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