ULESFIA ®  Lotion is indicated for the topical treatment of head lice infestation in patients 6 months of age and older.

       ULESFIA ®  Lotion does not have ovocidal activity.

      ULESFIA ®  Lotion should be used in the context of an overall lice management program:

  • Wash (in hot water) or dry-clean all recently worn clothing, hats, used bedding, and towels.
  • Wash personal care items such as combs, brushes and hair clips in hot water.  
  • A fine-tooth comb or special nit comb may be used to remove dead lice and nits.

Ulesfia Description

      ULESFIA ®  (benzyl alcohol) Lotion is supplied as a white topical lotion containing benzyl alcohol, 5%. Inactive ingredients in this formulation are water, mineral oil, sorbitan monooleate, polysorbate 80, carbomer 934P and trolamine.

      The active ingredient, benzyl alcohol, is a clear, colorless liquid with a mild aromatic odor.  Benzyl alcohol has a molecular mass of 108.14 g/mol. The molecular formula is C7H8O.

      The chemical structure of benzyl alcohol is:



Active Ulesfia Ingredients

  1. Benzyl Alcohol

Ulesfia NDC Codes

NDC Quantity Package
59630-0780-88 2 Bottle 1 Carton
59630-0780-08 1 Bottle 1 Carton
59212-0780-88 2 Bottle 1 Carton
59212-0780-08 1 Bottle 1 Carton

Ulesfia Structured Product Labels

SPL Manufacturer
80fb32ee-ed0f-4060-9eb0-b5847b3676c6 Shionogi Inc.
aeba2488-1ac3-4c02-833c-78a36859f029 Concordia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Ulesfia Overview

Overall Rating
Medication Type
Approval Date
May 26, 2009
DEA Schedule
Not Classified

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